Can time soften your opinion? The influence of consumer experience valence and review device type on restaurant evaluation


The objective of this study is to investigate how review temporal distance influences the conformity of consumer restaurant review ratings. By employing an innovative dataset pairing consumer reservation records and consumer online reviews, the findings of this study indicate that (1) in general, temporal distance has a positive influence on restaurant evaluation conformity; (2) consumption experience valence moderates the influence of review temporal distance on restaurant evaluation conformity, with a negative dining experience strengthening the positive effects; (3) review device moderates the influence of review temporal distance on review conformity, with reviews posted via mobile devices weakening the positive effect of temporal distance; and (4) compared to reviews posted via PCs, mobile reviewers appear less likely to be influenced by prior reviews. Findings from this study provide practical insights for restaurants’ management of online reviews.

Publication Title

International Journal of Hospitality Management