Farmers' Markets: A Case for Culinary Tourism


This study explores the motivation of visitors at farmers' markets and identifies the potential of culinary tourist to contribute to the economic sustainability of a local market. A Web-based survey questionnaire was employed to collect data. The study identifies the push factors of fun and relaxation, escape, and family togetherness and the pull factors of food quality, shopping experience, and facility. It was found that pull factors of motivation play a critical role in attracting guests to a market. The study revealed that quality food and a good shopping facility were the most important factors for improving visitor satisfaction. These factors can impact the cultivation of successful farmers' market operations and contribute to culinary tourism. Farmers' markets as a form of culinary tourism can play a critical role in sustaining the economic impact of their local community. This study contributes to the understanding that farmers' markets can serve as a unique niche of culinary tourism. © 2012 Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Publication Title

Journal of Culinary Science and Technology