Show managers' perceptions of customer equity in the convention industry


Using relevant marketing and convention literature as justification, this study explores and further defines customer equity factors in a business-to-business context (i.e., the show manager to a convention center) from the show manager's perspective. A factor analysis revealed that relationship equity explained more of the variance in the data, followed by value equity and then brand equity. Nine factors (five were classified as value, three as brand, and one as relationship) were revealed and then further used to identify any dominant drivers of customer equity considering intention to rebook by the show manager. The study results further supported location as the primary driver for intention to rebook with personal connection, ease in booking process, and easy move in and move out noted as important drivers to rebooking. From the convention center and show manager viewpoint, this output can be used to better define and hence enhance the value strategy, brand strategy, and relationship strategy offered to show managers by convention centers. For researchers, the study indicates some direct avenues for future research (e.g., further refinement the scales of brand, value, and relationship equity for the convention industry).

Publication Title

Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism