Black nursing students: Strategies for academic success


Aim The purpose of this qualitative research study was to determine the strategies Black graduates of predominantly White education programs used to successfully complete their degrees. background As the United States becomes more culturally and racially diverse, nursing is being called upon to diversify its workforce. Efforts are being made to increase ethnic and racial minority students' access to and rate of success in nursing education. This article focuses on strategies that helped Black nursing students excel and graduate. method Eighteen Black nursing graduates were interviewed in depth using an 18-item semistructured questionnaire. results Participants in this study established a daily plan of study, joined racially and ethnically diverse study groups, read the course content, and developed note cards to help them succeed in the nursing program. conclusion These findings have specific implications for Black students' learning, retention, and progression in nursing education. Copyright © 2014 by National League for Nursing, Inc.

Publication Title

Nursing Education Perspectives