Original Interprofessional Simulations to Train Students in CSD and Related Health Professions in Team-Based Health Care


Students in health professions receive extensive training across the scope of practice within their profession; however, most lack experience in performing clinical functions as a member of a coordinated health care team. We describe outcomes of a quasi-experimental study that used simulations to target interprofessional practice competencies. Simulations incorporated clinical knowledge from five professions, and used standardized patients to provide students with a low-stakes opportunity to apply knowledge and skills. Students observed one simulation and participated in another. Post-simulation quantitative and qualitative data were collected by having students, faculty, and standardized patients rate collaboration and decision-making skills for each interprofessional team. Results indicate differences in ratings based on simulation round and rater group. Findings highlight the need for focused training in the use of clear and empathic communication by interprofessional teams. Results also demonstrate the value of feedback from standardized patients who can provide important perspectives regarding the quality of clinical interactions.

Publication Title

Communication Disorders Quarterly