Current considerations in pediatric speech audiometry


Current considerations in pediatric speech perception assessment are highlighted in this article with a focus on specific test principles and variables that must be addressed when evaluating speech perception performance in children. Existing test materials are reviewed with an emphasis on the level of sensitivity and standardization that they have for accurate assessment of a child's speech perception performance. A test battery approach is advocated because speech perception is an abstract construct, and in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of a child's capabilities, information is needed from several sources of concrete data. The importance of ongoing speech perception assessment in children is also emphasized because a child's progress over time must be monitored to determine if improvements need to be made with amplification and intervention efforts. Results from pediatric speech perception assessments can provide practical information regarding the prognosis of speech, language, reading, and cognitive abilities of children as well as steps that need to be taken in the intervention process. © 2008 British Society of Audiology, International Society of Audiology, and Nordic Audiological Society.

Publication Title

International Journal of Audiology