A fully-automated analyzer for determining haloacetic acid concentrations in drinking water


A fully-automated, on-line, real-time analyzer has been developed for preconcentration and analysis of haloacetic acids (HAAs). Preconcentration of HAAs is achieved by sample acidification and solid phase extraction onto a hydrophobic polymeric resin using sequential injection analysis (SIA). The HAAs preconcentrate is then analyzed using post-column reaction-ion chromatography (PCR-IC), which is selective for HAAs. Systematic optimization of SIA preconcentration parameters are described followed by detailed method detection limit (MDL), accuracy, precision, and linearity studies. MDL values for the individual HAA9 species range from 0.4 to 0.9μgL-1. Side-by-side comparison studies of HAAs analysis in 14 real-world drinking water samples from Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee are presented that compare the optimized SIA-PCR-IC to USEPA Method 552.3. Trace levels of HAAs detected in select samples are reported, and the bias values calculated between the two methods are typically less than 5μgL-1 for eight of the nine individual HAAs.

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