Evaluation of a novel bimodal fitting formula in Advanced Bionics cochlear implant recipients


Purpose: The study’s objectives were to (1) evaluate benefit from a novel bimodal fitting formula (Adaptive Phonak Digital Bimodal Fitting Formula [APDB]), and (2) compare outcomes with APDB and a traditional fitting formula (NAL-NL2). Methods: This prospective study evaluated outcomes in ten adults with unilateral Advanced Bionics (AB) cochlear implants (CI). Participants were tested bimodally with NAL-NL2 and APDB programed on Naída Link UP HAs. Measures of speech perception, sound quality, and preference were obtained with two bimodal configurations (CI + HANAL-NL2 and CI + HAAPDB). Participants used the CI + HAAPDB configuration for an acclimation period, after which measures were repeated. Results: Significant bimodal benefit was measured from both HA fitting formulae for speech perception in noise compared to the CI-only condition. Improved individual outcomes with the APDB were observed, but group differences were not statistically significant. Participants reported subjective benefit from APDB on blind comparisons of preference and sound quality. Conclusions: Significant benefit was found with both bimodal conditions compared to the CI-only condition; however, bimodal speech perception results were not significantly different. Users reported benefit from the APDB formula over NAL-NL2 formula. Due to individual improved speech perception and overall subjective preference for APDB, clinicians should consider APDB with AB CI recipients.

Publication Title

Cochlear Implants International