A simple and inexpensive kit for measuring total trihalomethanes and total haloacetic acids in drinking water


While there are a number of analytical methods that can be used for compliance monitoring of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, most are relatively complex and expensive to perform. Methods for HAAs typically involve cumbersome extraction steps, followed by complicated derivatization and analysis procedures. For small to midsized utilities, the cost of buying the instruments and hiring someone to operate and maintain them is often prohibitive. Many operators and process engineers recognize the need for some sort of THMs/HAAs meter, analogous to a pH meter. This paper presents a "meter" in the form of a portable, relatively inexpensive commercially available kit. This kit, called the Disinfection By-Product Rapid Response Kit, is capable of predicting the concentrations of Total THMs and Total HAAs onsite with minimal effort or expense. Thus, operators and process engineers can use it to respond in real-time to changes in trihalomethane and haloacetic acid concentrations as they occur. 2011 © American Water Works Association AWWA WQTC Conference Proceedings All Rights Reserved.

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Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition 2011

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