Longitudinal speech perception performance of young children with cochlear implants and tactile aids plus hearing aids


Nineteen profoundly deaf children who utilize either cochlear implants (CIs) or multichannel tactile aids plus hearing aids (T+HAs) and who were enrolled in a full-day educational program that specializes in the use of sensory aids were evaluated using a battery of speech perception tests either developed in house or chosen because they were part of a standard battery of tests developed for children with sensory aids. The tests were organized into four perceptual levels ranging from pattern perception at level one to open set word identification at level four. For each level, data were analyzed for changes over time and for differences between performance of CI children and those using T+HAs. The results indicate that overall, across levels, both groups improved significantly over time but no differences were found between users of T+HAs and CIs at any level.

Publication Title

Scandinavian Audiology, Supplement

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