Chemically induced dynamic electron polarization of the diethoxyphosphonyl radical: A case of mixed S-T0 and S-T- radical pair polarization


The electron spin resonance spectrum of the diethoxyphosphonyl radical, (EtO)2ṖO, which is characterized by a well-spaced 696-G doublet, exhibits a strong electron polarization when generated by photolysis of a 20% (v/v) solution of diethyl phosphite in di-tert-butyl peroxide. Although the observed emissive-absorptive polarization superficially appears due to the usual S-T0 radical pair mechanism, a detailed analysis shows that the S-T_ radical pair mechanism also contributes to the polarization. The analysis also yields an estimate of the range of the exchange interaction between two (EtO)2ṖO radicals. © 1985 American Chemical Society.

Publication Title

Journal of Physical Chemistry