CO2 Capture by 2-(Methylamino)pyridine Ligated Aluminum Alkyl Complexes


A set of novel, easily synthesized aluminum complexes, Al[κ2-N,N-2-(methylamino)pyridine]2R (R = Et, iBu) are reported. When subjected to 1 atm of CO2 pressure, each hemilabile pyridine arm dissociates and facilitates cooperative activation of the CO2 substrate reminiscent of a Frustrated Lewis Pair. This reaction has limited precedent for Al/N based Lewis Pair systems, and this is the first system readily shown to sequester multiple equivalents of CO2 per aluminum center. The ethyl variant then reacts further, inserting a third equivalent of CO2 into the aluminum alkyl to generate an aluminum carboxylate. Examples of this type of reactivity are rare under thermal conditions. A joint experimental/computational study supports the proposed reaction mechanism.

Publication Title

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry