WGVD: An integrated web-database for wheat genome variation and selective signatures


Bread wheat is one of the most important crops worldwide. With the release of the complete wheat reference genome and the development of next-generation sequencing technology, a mass of genomic data from bread wheat and its progenitors has been yield and has provided genomic resources for wheat genetics research. To conveniently and effectively access and use these data, we established Wheat Genome Variation Database, an integrated web-database including genomic variations from whole-genome resequencing and exome-capture data for bread wheat and its progenitors, as well as selective signatures during the process of wheat domestication and improvement. In this version, WGVD contains 7 346 814 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and 1 044 400 indels focusing on genic regions and upstream or downstream regions. We provide allele frequency distribution patterns of these variations for 5 ploidy wheat groups or 17 worldwide bread wheat groups, the annotation of the variant types and the genotypes of all individuals for 2 versions of bread wheat reference genome (IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 and IWGSC RefSeq v2.0). Selective footprints for Aegilops tauschii, wild emmer, domesticated emmer, bread wheat landrace and bread wheat variety are evaluated with two statistical tests (FST and Pi) based on SNPs from whole-genome resequencing data. In addition, we provide the Genome Browser to visualize the genomic variations, the selective footprints, the genotype patterns and the read coverage depth, and the alignment tool Blast to search the homologous regions between sequences. All of these features of WGVD will promote wheat functional studies and wheat breeding. Database URL: http://animal.nwsuaf.edu.cn/code/index.php/Wheat.

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