Correlates of chronic disease and patientprovider discussions among middle-aged and older adult males: Implications for successful aging and sexuality


Objective: Effective erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments and cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes risk assessments are available, but require patientprovider communication. The present study explored this issue using 2010 National Social Life, Health and Aging Project data for males age 57 years and older (n=1011).Methods: Multinomial logistic regression was performed to compare factors associated with being without CVD/diabetes (39.9%), being diagnosed with CVD only (43.1%), and having comorbid CVD/diabetes (CVD 17.0%). Logistic regression compared factors associated with having ever discussed sexual issues with physicians.Results: CVD-only participants were more likely to be ≥75 years (p=0.004) and smoke (p=0.019); CVD&D participants were more likely to report activity limitations (p<0.001) and less likely to have sex within the previous year (p=0.014). Compared to CVD-only, men with CVD&D were more likely to be minorities, obese, have daily activity limitations, and report erectile difficulties (all p<0.05). Males discussing sexual issues with physicians were more likely to report higher education [OR=1.68, p=0.001], have sex in previous year [OR1.73, p=0.006], and have erectile difficulties [OR2.26, p<0.001].Discussion: Increased patient and provider awareness and communication are needed to lifestyle behaviors, promote self-care practices, and improve health care utilization among male patients affected by chronic disease and ED. © 2012 Informa UK, Ltd.

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