Multilevel Comparisons of Hospital Discharge among Older Adults with a Fall-Related Hospitalization


Objective: We examined multilevel factors associated with hospital discharge status among older adults suffering a fall-related hospitalization. Data Sources: The 2011–2013 (n = 131,978) Texas Inpatient Hospital Discharge Public-Use File was used. Study Design/Methods: Multilevel logistic regression analyses estimated the likelihood of being discharged to institutional settings versus home. Principal Findings: Factors associated with a greater likelihood of being discharged to institutional settings versus home/self-care included being female, white, older, having greater risk of mortality, receiving care in a non-teaching hospital, having Medicare (versus Private) coverage, and being admitted from a non-health care facility (versus clinical referral). Conclusions: Understanding risk factors for costly discharges to institutional settings enables targeted fall-prevention interventions with identification of at-risk groups and allows for identifying policy-related factors associated with discharge status.

Publication Title

Health Services Research