Nicotine-naïve adolescents who live with tobacco products users, 2018 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey


Objective: We assessed the prevalence and factors associated with living with tobacco/nicotine product users among nicotine-naïve adolescents. Methods: Data were from the 2018 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey that included 34,183 adolescents who were never-tobacco product users and provided information about living with tobacco/nicotine users. Results: More than a quarter of adolescents lived with a tobacco/nicotine user. Girls were more likely than boys and middle-schoolers were more likely than high-schoolers to live with someone who uses cigarettes, cigars, and poly-tobacco. Compared to non-Hispanic Whites, Hispanics were less likely to live with someone who uses cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, cigars, and poly-tobacco. Adolescents who reported currently having asthma were more likely to report living with someone who smokes cigarettes, hookah, and poly tobacco. Conclusions: To reduce and ideally eliminate exposure to smoke/aerosol emitted from tobacco products in nicotine-naïve adolescents, individual and family-centered interventions, coupled with state-wide tobacco prevention strategies are warranted.

Publication Title

Journal of Addictive Diseases