, a New Genus of Bess Beetle (Coleoptera, Passalidae) from a Montane Subtropical Forest in Central Mexico, with a Review of the Taxonomic Significance of the Mesofrontal Structure in Proculini


Mexico has the third highest diversity of passalid beetles in the World. Here we describe , a new monotypic genus, potentially endemic to the mountains of central Mexico. The new genus is diagnosed by a new configuration of characters from the mesofrontal structure (MFS) in addition to other characters. The MFS in Passalidae has been treated either as a composite complex character or a combination of individual characters. Using a broad taxonomic sample within Proculini, we discuss the taxonomic and systematic implications of the MFS for the tribe. We define the MFS type . Given the importance of the MFS for passalid taxonomy we propose a new delimitation of the structure using boundaries based on internal and external head structures. We argue that the treatment of the MFS as a complex character better captures the nature of this structure but we ultimately find a need to standardize the way in which this structure is described in the taxonomic literature and used in phylogenetic analyses.

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