A comparison of simulation strategies for estimating phase noise in oscillators


This paper compares three simulation methods to simulate the Γ(t) functions used in the PPV theory. The first method consists in a modified version of procedure used for the simulation of the Γ(t) functions in the sense of ISF, the second and the third are based on non-linear analysis and allow directy to calculate the Γ(t) in the sense of PPV. Despite the approaches are not formally equivalent they turn out to be equally 'effective' for practical purposes. The equivalence of the three methods is confirmed with two examples: a Van Der Pol oscillator and a ring oscillator. It is then proposed the use one of those methods as the faster in terms of simulation time, providing designers with a very powerful, fast and easy procedure to identify and separate contributors to phase noise in oscillators.

Publication Title

PRIME 2017 - 13th Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, Proceedings