Erratum: Cr(vi) removal by magnetic carbon nanocomposites derived from cellulose at different carbonization temperatures (Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2015) 3 (9817-9825) DOI: 10.1039/C5TA01227A)


Parts of the data presented in Fig. 2 and 3 are incorrect. The authors have repeated the experiments to provide replacement data for Fig. 2(B) and (C), Fig. 3(B) and (C). The new XRD patterns of the samples were measured in Prof. Luyi Sun’s Lab at University of Connecticut, and the new Raman spectra were measured in Prof. Xiaohua Huang’s Lab at The University of emphis, USA. This correction does not alter the conclusions presented in this Journal of Materials Chemistry A paper. (1) The corrected Fig. 2(B) and (C) are shown as following. (Figure Presented) (2) The corrected Fig. 3(B) and (C) are shown as following (Figure Presented).

Publication Title

Journal of Materials Chemistry A