CANNABIS: Past to Present


Since the early 20th century, special attention has been given to cannabis like no other time in human history. For as much attention as cannabis has received, its chemistry and pharmacology must suggest proportional reasoning. The level of subjectivity has always been a central concern when it comes to the deviance of any action. Like any ingredient or spice, cannabis use is often seen throughout history. The earliest known sign of use of the drug, for either its physical purposes or psychotropic ones, was before the Common Era. Migration often brings with it conflict. Almost every group that immigrated to the US, after what we call the original settlers, has faced some level of hostility. Identifying what has occurred with cannabis past to present in time may be difficult, but there are some certainties. Making cannabis illegal was and always has been about solving the problem of deviant cultures, immigrants, certain races, and communities.

Publication Title

Routledge Handbook on Deviance