Flexible (Kapton-based) microsensor arrays of high stability for cardiovascular applications


The design, fabrication and performance characteristics of Kapton-based planar mini and semimicro potentiometric sensors with an Ag/AgCl or a quinhydrone-based redox internal reference electrode are described. The ion-selective membranes cast from conventional and various modified PVC matrices and containing different pH-sensitive ionophores are ranked on the basis of their performances in hostile environments. The adhesive bonding strength of the different PVC membranes to the polyimide-coated Kapton substrate was quantitatively evaluated as a function of fabrication procedure and sample solution contact. The long-term stability of the electrodes was characterized by the alterations of the analytical parameters of the sensors over a period of time, as well as by determining the resistance changes of their sensing membranes.

Publication Title

Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions