Functional Fluorous Copolyoxetane Polymer Surface Modifiers


This chapter describes findings that focus on fluorous copolyoxetane soft block surface modifiers. These copolyoxetane polyurethane modifiers bring about new surface properties due to surface concentration and/or phase separation of the soft block. The chapter describes literally and figuratively the interface between specialty fluoropolymers and commodity polyurethanes. Infection is a serious medical complication associated with health care environments. Biocidal polymers offer promise in helping curb the spread of infections by providing coatings for biomedical devices or molded articles. Topological complexity is often observed for fluorinated polymers as a result of thermodynamically driven processes such as crystallization and minimization of surface energy. Simpler surface modification is being sought that will leverage the power of P[AB] surface modification but will avoid the synthesis of P[AB] polyurethane modifiers.

Publication Title

Handbook of Fluoropolymer Science and Technology