Deleuze’s theory of dialectical ideas: The influence of lautman and heidegger



In Différence et répétition, Deleuze’s ontology is structured by his theory of dialectical Ideas or problems, which draws features from Plato, Kant, and classical calculus. Deleuze unifies these features through a theory of Ideas/problems developed by the mathematician and philosopher Albert Lautman. Lautman worked to explain the nature of the problems or dialectical Ideas mathematics engages and the solutions or mathematical theories endeavouring to understand them. Lautman drew upon Heidegger to do this. This article (1) clarifies Deleuze’s theory of dialectical Ideas/problems by analysing its debts to Lautman and Heidegger and (2) demonstrates a Heideggerian influence on Deleuze via Lautman.

Publication Title

Deleuze and Guattari Studies