A Topical Botanical Ointment for Self-Reported Hip and/or Knee Pain: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial


Joint pain is a common ailment among adults worldwide. Six men and 14 women (aged 51 ± 10 years) with self-reported joint pain were randomly assigned, using a cross-over design, to a botanical ointment (Yeahhh Baby!®) or placebo, twice daily for 14 days. Subjects completed questionnaires regarding their joint pain and discomfort (eg, WOMAC and subjective pain using a visual analog scale [VAS]) each evening and underwent a washout period of two weeks before crossing into the other condition. Pain and discomfort scores improved for subjects when using Yeahhh Baby!® ointment from day 1 to the average of days 2-15. For certain measures, similar, albeit insignificant, improvements were noted when subjects used the placebo—demonstrating the powerful placebo effect. Specifically, with Yeahhh Baby!® ointment, effects were noted for WOMAC pain (P =.008), WOMAC physical function (P =.024), WOMAC total (P =.019), and VAS mood interference (P =.042). The most pronounced improvement was noted for WOMAC pain (P =.048), with a 25% reduction observed with Yeahhh Baby!®, with a 10% reduction noted for placebo. These findings indicate that, as compared to a placebo, Yeahhh Baby!® ointment may provide relief to individuals suffering from joint pain in their knees and/or hips.

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