Doctoral Dissertation Research in Rehabilitation Counseling: 2013


Our team recently examined the 2012 doctoral dissertation research in our field. This article continues a series of annual reviews of rehabilitation doctoral dissertation research. In 2013, there were a total of 22 doctoral dissertations completed from identified doctoral programs in rehabilitation counseling. Dissertations were organized by research topic, methodology used, model, and statistical analysis, and an annotated bibliography was provided. The analysis also included institutional productivity and trends in employment outcomes for doctoral graduates. Findings of the current analysis demonstrated that majority of the studies consisted of quantitative descriptive research designs. Compared to analyses from previous years, in 2013, advanced statistics were used at the highest rate since 2005. The proportion of dissertations focusing on professional issues topics was greater than any of the prior reporting periods. Implications for the practice of rehabilitation counseling, education, and future research are discussed.

Publication Title

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin