Impact sensing and localization in composites structures with embedded mechanoluminescence-perovskite sensors


Mechanoluminescence (ML)-perovskite sensors have shown potential for real-time impact sensing in composites structure. The sensors can be embedded in the structure for in-situ and real-time structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. Our previous work demonstrated the potential of a flexible ML-perovskite sensor for SHM systems and the possibility of sensor embedment in a fiber-reinforced composite structure. However, the viability of the sensor to predict impact localization remains unexplored. This paper investigates the potential of the sensors for impact localization in composite laminates. Herein, embedded ML-perovskite sensors are placed throughout a composite plate to monitor the host structure. By monitoring and correlating the changes in the electrical current of the sensors, it is possible to predict the impact location in the structure. The experimental results show that the ML-perovskite sensor can accurately detect and locate impact events when embedded in a composite structure. This work reveals the potential of ML-perovskite sensors for damage detection and localization prediction in composite materials.

Publication Title

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical