Manufacturability of advanced composites with selective and localized electrical conductivity


The displaced foam dispersion (DFD) technique is a neoteric method for incorporating nanoscale particles within the matrix of various geometric multi-scale composites. Nanoparticles have a wide range of uses and influence pre-formed materials in various ways depending upon their structure. One of the most commonly used nano constituents are carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The DFD technique utilizes a polystyrene substrate as a carrier system for the CNTs allowing desired placement. This paper discusses the implementation of the DFD technique and its influence on the localized electrical properties of manufactured multi-scale composite laminates. Single, double and multi-walled CNTs of varying lengths were tested in a design of experiments to demonstrate the contrast of the nanoparticle types and discover the maximum output. The expected results should illustrate electrical conductivity over a localized region of the composite laminate validating the DFD technique's effectiveness potential multifunctional and scalable applications.

Publication Title

International SAMPE Technical Conference

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