Landscape Analysis of Public Health Jobs in India to Develop an Evidence-Based Public Health Curriculum


The increase in communicable and non-communicable disease incidence and prevalence, changing population demographics, along with concerns about pandemics, natural disasters, and wars, have highlighted the challenges faced by health systems. The study aims to identify data on publicly posted public health jobs available to applicants eligible to work in India to identify the public health and allied fields workforce needs, skills, and expertise in India. A cross-sectional study was done in June–July 2021. The data was collected from eleven common job portals in India. Descriptive and content analysis was done to identify the most common job titles, educational level preferred/desired, skills, and experience required in the public health jobs in India. In total 382 unique public health and related fields jobs were analyzed. Job postings were most commonly classified as manager (n = 68), officer/lead (n = 61), analyst (n = 49), and consultant (n = 44). Around one-fifth of the jobs were based in Delhi (n = 98, 24%). About a quarter of the job postings required more than 8 years of experience (26%, n = 100). More than half of the job postings mentioned having the knowledge and understanding of data analysis and statistical approaches (n = 116, 64%). Around 15% (n = 193) of the job posting wanted the candidate to have expertise in communication. Skills were classified into various types such as software, technical, and language. Timely assessment of the curriculum should be done to impart skills related to the needs of the employers and prepare a skilled and competent public health workforce to address the 21st century public health challenges.

Publication Title

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health