Lung Cancer Patients’ and Caregivers’ Satisfaction With Multidisciplinary Versus Serial Care in a Community Healthcare Setting: A Prospective Comparative-Effectiveness Cohort Study


Background: Multidisciplinary Care is recommended for complex oncologic conditions. We compared lung cancer patients’ and caregivers’ satisfaction with Multidisciplinary Care to routine, serial care. Materials and Methods: We analyzed validated surveys administered at baseline, 3 and 6 months to patients and their caregivers enrolled in a prospective cohort comparative-effectiveness study of Multidisciplinary versus Serial Care ( NCT02123797). Multivariate mixed linear models examined the cross-group differences, time-related variances, and how interaction between groups and time-periods influenced satisfaction. Results: Compared to serial care (N = 297), the Multidisciplinary Care cohort (N = 159), was older (69 vs. 66 years), had earlier clinical stage (41% vs. 33% stage I/II), and less severe symptoms (45% vs. 35% asymptomatic). Demographic and social-economic characteristics of caregivers (N = 99 for Multidisciplinary and 123 for Serial Care, respectively) were similar. Multidisciplinary Care patients and caregivers were more likely to perceive their care to be better than that of other patients (p <.01). Although Serial Care patients and caregivers expressed greater satisfaction with their treatment plan (p <.01 patients, p = 0.04 caregivers), Multidisciplinary Care patients showed greater improvement at 6-months (p <.01). Multidisciplinary Care patients and caregivers reported better overall satisfaction with team members (p <.01) while Serial Care patients had greater improvement in their satisfaction with team members at 6-months (p =.04). Multidisciplinary Care patients perceived more financial burden at 6-months compared to Serial Care patients (p =.04). Conclusion: Patient-caregiver dyads had mixed perceptions of their care experience. Recipients of Multidisciplinary Care perceived better experience with care and team members; Serial Care recipients expressed greater satisfaction with their treatment plan.

Publication Title

Clinical Lung Cancer