Near-field and far-field optical properties of magnetic plasmonic core-shell nanoparticles with non-spherical shapes: A discrete dipole approximation study


The combined optical and magnetic properties of magnetic-plasmonic core-shell nanoparticles (NPs) makes them ideal candidates for many applications in biomedical fields. Plasmonic properties of the shell gives rise to Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) that can be utilized for sensitive detections, while magnetic properties are useful for magnetic separation and magnetic guided delivery. The plasmonic properties of the shell depends on both the size and shape of the core and shell, and this property, in principle, can be calculated using the Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) method. However, since the DDA is an approximation method, its accuracy to calculate the plasmonic properties of the shell, especially the near-field enhancement relevant to SERS, has not been examined carefully. We present a systematic test on the accuracy of the DDA to calculate the plasmonic properties in terms of both the extinction spectra and the near-field enhancement of the magnetic-plasmonic core-shell NPs. Accuracy of the DDA method was first investigated in comparison to Mie theory results for spherical core-shell NPs, since Mie theory gives the exact solution to spherical shaped particles. DDA calculations were further extended to core-shell nanoparticles with octahedral cores. We elucidate convergence of the DDA results by considering the effects of dipole distance and shell thickness in regard to the NP spectral properties. This work validates application of the DDA methods for calculating electrodynamic properties of core-shell NPs and highlights plasmonic properties of core-shell with non-spherical cores.

Publication Title

AIP Advances