A secreted calreticulin protein in ixodid tick (Amblyomma americanum) saliva


A complementary DNA clone from salivary glands of feeding female Amblyomma americanum ticks has been characterized as encoding calreticulin. Calreticulin, a major endoplasmic reticulum (ER) calcium-binding protein, appears to be secreted in Amblyomma and Dermacentor saliva. Evidence is accummulating that calreticulin performs roles unrelated to calcium storage. Unlike most known calreticulins, tick-secreted calreticulin lacks the ER retention signal, KDEL. This is the first molecular cloning of a specific tick salivary gland protein. The finding of a secreted calreticulin in tick saliva suggests a role for calreticulin in blood feeding through host immunosuppression or antihemostasis. © 1995.

Publication Title

Journal of Insect Physiology