Regiospecific synthesis of 2,6-bis-indazol-1-ylpyridines from 2,6-bis-hydrazinopyridine


The synthesis of 2,6-bis-hydrazonopyridines from 2,6-bis-hydrazinopyridine and the conversion of these bis-hydrazones into 2,6-bis-indazol-1-ylpyridines were studied. The conversion of bis-haloarylhydrazones to bis-indazoles was systematically optimized using iron and copper mediated reactions and various bases and ligands. By varying solvent, base, transition metal, and ligand, a novel regiospecific route to the 2,6-bis-indazol-1-ylpyridine class of ligands was developed. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Publication Title

Tetrahedron Letters