Selective adsorption of heteropolymer onto heterogeneous surfaces: Interplay between sequences and surface patterns


Monte Carlo simulations are performed to study selective adsorption of heteropolymers on heterogeneous surfaces. We focus on how statistical correlation between sequence types and surface patterns affects critical adsorption points (CAP), the point that marks the transition of a polymer chain, in contact with a surface, from preferring a nonadsorbed state in bulk solution to an adsorbed state on the surface. A large difference in the CAP's of different sequence types over the same surface identifies a window of interaction energies where selectivity is maximized. Our results show that statistical random surfaces (i.e, neighboring surface sites have no statistical correlation) cannot differentiate among different heteropolymer sequences. Conversely, random heteropolymers cannot differentiate different surface types. However, when neighboring surface sites have statistical correlations, selective adsorption of different heteropolymers is observed. © 2008 American Chemical Society.

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