Synthesis of photoactivatable analogues of lysophosphatidic acid and covalent labeling of plasma proteins


Lysophosphatidic acids hearing a benzophenone group in either the sn-1 or sn-2 chain of an oleoyl-type ester or oleyl-type ether chain and 32P in the phosphate group were synthesized. The benzophenone moiety was introduced by selective hydroboration of the double bond of enyne 11 at low temperature, followed by a Suzuki reaction with 4-bromobenzophenone. The key intermediates for the preparation of ester-linked lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) 1 and 3 were obtained in one pot by a modified DIBAL-H reduction of orthoformate intermediate 22. These probes were shown to covalently modify a single protein target in rat plasma containing albumin and several protein targets in rat plasma containing a low level of albumin. © 2006 American Chemical Society.

Publication Title

Journal of Organic Chemistry