Synthesis of silyl-terminated polylactides for controlled surface immobilization of polylactide macromolecular chains


Poly(d-lactide)s (PDLA) having an end group of trimethoxysilyl (P(x)-Si-(OMe) 3) or monoethoxydimethylsilyl (P(x)-Si-OEt) group were synthesized to immobilize macromolecular chains of polylactide onto a flat silicon surface by the "grafting onto" mechanism. Both the end-functional PDLAs were efficiently immobilized on the flat surface of silicon wafers to create different nano-ordered structures. The P(x)-Si-OEt having the monofunctional siloxyl group formed a homogeneous dot morphology consisting of homogeneously dispersed particles of 20-30 nm in diameter while the P(x)-Si-(OMe) 3 having the trifunctional siloxyl group formed a heterogeneous morphology consisting of both spots and fibrous strands. The former homogeneous morphology was attributed to the lack of the intermolecular cross-linking reaction that was evident in P(x)-Si-(OMe) 3. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

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