A framework for development of runtime monitors


Software Testing is the process used to assure the correctness, completeness, performance, security and reliability of the software. Different software testing techniques are used during pre-deployment phase of the software. But, these do not ensure that all possible behaviors of implementation are analyzed, executed and tested. Because of the incomplete assurance from the testing methodology, software can sometimes behave very differently during the post-deployment phase. This is termed as software anomaly and they are caused mostly by external attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, path-traversal attack, etc. To detect such anomalies and to ensure the security and reliability of software during the post-deployment phase, a technique known as runtime monitoring can be used. This paper presents a framework for the development of runtime monitors to accomplish post-deployment monitoring of software to detect and prevent path traversal attack. © 2012 IEEE.

Publication Title

2012 International Conference on Computer and Information Science, ICCIS 2012 - A Conference of World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress, ESTCON 2012 - Conference Proceedings