A framework for ranking IoMT solutions based on measuring security and privacy


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is now growing rapidly, with Internet-enabled devices helping people to track and monitor their health, early diagnosis of their health issues, treat their illness, and administer therapy. Because of its increasing demand and its accessibility to high Internet speed, IoMT has opened doors for security vulnerabilities to healthcare systems. The lack of security awareness among IoMT users can provoke serious and perhaps fatal security issues. The disastrous consequences of these issues will not only disrupt medical services (e.g., ransomware) causing financial losses but will also put the patients’ lives at risk. This paper proposes a framework to compare and rank IoMT solutions based on their protection and defense capability using the Analytic Hierarchy Process. The proposed framework measures the security, including privacy, in the compared IoMT solutions against a set of user requirements and using a detailed set of assessment criteria. This works aims to help in determining and avoiding risks associated with insecure IoMT solutions and reduce the gap between solution providers and consumers by increasing the security awareness and transparency.

Publication Title

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing