A lower bound for sampling disjoint sets


Suppose Alice and Bob each start with private randomness and no other input, and they wish to engage in a protocol in which Alice ends up with a set x ⊆ [n] and Bob ends up with a set y ⊆ [n], such that (x, y) is uniformly distributed over all pairs of disjoint sets. We prove that for some constant β < 1, this requires Ω(n) communication even to get within statistical distance 1 − βn of the target distribution. Previously, Ambainis, Schulman, Ta-Shma, Vazirani, and Wigderson (FOCS 1998) proved that Ω(√n) communication is required to get within some constant statistical distance ε > 0 of the uniform distribution over all pairs of disjoint sets of size √n.

Publication Title

Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, LIPIcs