A novel approach to knowledge sharing in software systems engineering


There are many stakeholders in the information technology (IT) domain, including the business community and software development and support staff. A high degree of collaboration and knowledge sharing is required to take a system from business concept to production implementation in complex organizations where numerous teams are involved in the software engineering process. Much of historical knowledge management strategy has a technology focus with knowledge collected, organized, and disseminated with a push or pull approach. An approach that considers common technology implementations, such as intranets, document management systems, and email, and how those can be exploited with little or no introduction of new processes or tools to promote knowledge sharing is suggested. Human and social aspects are considered fundamental to the success of a solution that leverages current technology implementations and capitalizes on the relationships that exist and are created among individuals in the context of software engineering work. © 2009 IEEE.

Publication Title

Proceedings - 2009 4th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering, ICGSE 2009