Addressing security in medical sensor networks


We identify the security challenges facing a sensor network for wireless health monitoring, and propose an architecture called "SNAP" (Sensor Network for Assessment of Patients) to address these challenges. SNAP protects the privacy, authenticity, and integrity of medical data, with low-cost energy-efficient mechanisms. We have incorporated the following mechanisms in SNAP: (1)an ECC-based secure key exchange protocol to set up shared keys between sensor nodes and base stations; (2)symmetric encryption and decryption for protecting data con?dentiality and integrity; (3) a two-tier authentication scheme for verifying data source. We have developed a prototype on the Tmote Sky platform for evaluating the proposed architecture and mechanisms. Copyright 2007 ACM.

Publication Title

HealthNet'07: Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGMOBILE International Workshop on Systems and Networking Support for Healthcare and Assisted Living Environments