Anonymous and Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning with Industrial Big Data


Many artificial intelligence technologies have been applied for extracting useful information from massive industrial big data. However, the privacy issues are usually overlooked in many existing methods. In this article, we propose an anonymous and privacy-preserving federated learning scheme for the mining of industrial big data. We explored the effect of the proportion of shared parameters on the accuracy through experiments, and found that sharing partial parameters can almost achieve the accuracy of sharing all the parameters. On this basis, our proposed federated learning scheme reduces the privacy leakage by sharing fewer parameters between the server and each participant. Specifically, we leverage differential privacy on shared parameters with Gaussian mechanism to provide strict privacy preservation; the effect of different \varepsilon and \delta on accuracy is tested; and we keep track of \delta-when it reaches a certain threshold, training shall be stopped. What's more, we employ a proxy server as the middle layer between the server and all the participants to achieve anonymity of participants; it is worth noting that this can also reduce the communication burden on the federated learning server. Finally, we provide the security analysis and performance evaluations by comparing with other schemes.

Publication Title

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics