Antennal sensilla of the clover head weevil Hypera Meles (F.) (coleoptera: curculionidae)


Scanning electron microscopy of the antennal clubs of the clover head weevil, Hypera meles (F.), revealed a dense receptor field composed of sensilla trichodea (Types I and II), sensilla basiconica (Types I, II, and III), and sensilla styloconica. Club circumference is divided equally by 6 trichodea Type I, arranged radially around the perimeter of each segment. Trichodea Type II and basiconica Type I occur on the entire receptor field of each club segment, while basiconica Type II and styloconica occur in bands along the distal edges of the dorsal surface of segments II and III, respectively. Basiconica Type III were found only at the extreme distal tip of the antennal club on segment IV. Significantly greater (p = 0.05) numbers of sensilla trichodea Type II and basiconica Type II, found on the ventral surfaces of male and female antennal clubs, suggest that these sensilla are utilized in host reception during weevil antennal tapping. © 1976.

Publication Title

International Journal of Insect Morphology and Embryology