CryptMDB: A practical encrypted MongoDB over big data


In big data era, data are usually stored in databases for easy access and utilization, which are now woven into every aspect of our lives. However, traditional relational databases cannot address users' demands for quick data access and calculating, since they cannot process data in a distributed way. To tackle this problem, non-relational databases such as MongoDB have emerged up and been applied in various Scenarios. Nevertheless, it should be noted that most MongoDB products fail to consider user's data privacy. In this paper, we propose a practical encrypted MongoDB (i.e., CryptMDB). Specifically, we utilize an additive homomorphic asymmetric cryptosystem to encrypt user's data and achieve strong privacy protection. Security analysis indicates that the CryptMDB can achieve confidentiality of user's data and prevent adversaries from illegally gaining access to the database. Furthermore, extensive experiments demonstrate that the CryptMDB achieves better efficiency than existing relational database in terms of data access and calculating.

Publication Title

IEEE International Conference on Communications