CyberSeer: 3D Audio-visual immersion for network security and management


Large complex networks have become an inseparable part of modern society. However, very little has been done to develop tools to manage and ensure the security of such networks. Network operators continue to slave over endless daily logs and alerts in a struggle to keep networks operational. Perhaps the most formidable enemy of network operations today is the volume of management data that must be perused. Expensive commercial products attempt to visualize data but with limited utility, as witnessed by the prevailing use of command-line interfaces and homegrown scripts. In addition to data collection tools, operators need to immediately observe and debug the effects of their actions; yet that information is buried deep in the data that pours daily from monitoring equipment. Thus, they need better ways to abstract network events and better, more informative ways to render them. In this work we first propose a new approach for abstracting network information, namely spectral representation. Second, we introduce immersive spatial audio representations of network events. Third, we introduce 3D interactive auto-stereoscopic (AS) displays for visual representations. We integrate the three techniques as follows. We use spectral techniques to extract complex events buried inside voluminous network traces and logs. Then, we create a desktop interactive immersive autostereoscopic 3D environment that is seamlessly integrated with multi-channel spatially rendered audio to render such events in a far more human-friendly fashion. Copyright 2004 ACM.

Publication Title

VizSEC/DMSEC '04: Proceedings of the 2004 ACM Workshop on Visualization and Data Mining for Computer Security

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