Dealing with errors in interactive sequencing by hybridization


Motivation: A realistic approach to sequencing by hybridization must deal with realistic sequencing errors. The results of such a method can surely be applied to similar sequencing tasks. Results: We provide the first algorithms for interactive sequencing by hybridization which are robust in the presence of hybridization errors. Under a strong error model allowing both positive and negative hybridization errors without repeated queries, we demonstrate accurate and efficient reconstruction with error rates up to 7%. Under the weaker traditional error model of Shamir and Tsur (Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB-01), pp 269-277, 2000), we obtain accurate reconstructions with up to 20% false negative hybridization errors. Finally, we establish theoretical bounds on the performance of the sequential probing algorithm of Skiena and Sundaram under the strong error model.

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