Decentralized and secure multimedia sharing application over named data networking


Named Data Networking (NDN) thrives in peer-to-peer data sharing scenarios, through naming data and decoupling data from its containers. Meanwhile, social media applications have come under increased criticism for excessive centralization and opacity. We present npChat, an Android application that allows users to capture and share multimedia with friends in a secure and fully decentralized way, while still giving users complete control over their data. We propose using namespaces owned by users instead of a shared application namespace and establish trust using multiple trust models. We use an application-level pub-sub model to share friend information and publish data, as well as a per-object access control scheme to share content with selected friends. Our evaluation demonstrates the application’s data sharing performance and low overhead in various scenarios.

Publication Title

ICN 2019 - Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Information-Centric Networking