Experience Blocking Ratio Based Game Theoretic Approach for Spectrum Sharing in Heterogeneous Networks


With the rapid developments of wireless communication and mobile devices, heterogeneous networks have emerged as a promising paradigm to provide users with various services in Internet of Things (IoTs). However, due to the limited resources, the spectrum sharing in heterogeneous networks becomes a new challenge. Therefore, in this paper we present an experience blocking (EB) ratio based game-theoretic approach for spectrum sharing in heterogeneous networks where the small cell can rent the spare spectrum from the macro cell. Specifically, first, a novel EB ratio based model is proposed to evaluate the efficiency of spectrum usage in a cell. Then, the Stackelberg game with one leader and one/multiple followers is used to formulate the interaction between macro cell and one/multiple small cells. With the game theoretic model based on the EB ratio, the macro cell can determine the optimal price for leasing spectrum, whereas small cells can optimize the cost to rent. Finally, an EB table is given to evaluate the blocking status of a cell and simulation results show that the proposed scheme can improve the efficiency of spectrum sharing better than other schemes.

Publication Title

IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering