Forms2Dialog: Automatic dialog generation for Web tasks


Today, many common tasks (e.g. booking flights, ordering food) can be done by filling out web forms. Automatic processing of Web forms to support interactive speech input is useful for numerous reasons, including ease of use for mobile device users and accessibility for people with visual or print disabilities. In this paper, we propose an automated method to process web forms and convert them into dialog flows for spoken interaction. First we identify relevant information for each form element (including element type, label, values and help messages) and key relationships between form elements (including ordering and dependencies). We then generate two types of dialog flow for each Web form. Experimental results show that the method generates efficient and informative dialog flows for web tasks, a key step for building virtual assistants. An Android application has been realized as a use case of the generated dialog flows.

Publication Title

2014 IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology, SLT 2014 - Proceedings