Knowledge re-use and dissemination for resource elicitation in software engineering


Software Engineering requires intense knowledge-driven practices and procedures that require team work in collaborative environments. Despite recent improvement in collaboration technology and the fact that over 80% of software project delays and overruns can be traced back to failures in proper requirement identification, requirement gathering remains an elusive art. This study reports on a survey of industry practices run to capture both experiential and procedural knowledge into an ontology that identifies and prioritizes it. The ontology is used as the foundation of a knowledge building tool, R.E.M., that can assist junior project managers (PMs) through the software process, including mitigating communication skills, negotiation skills, and time management facilities while eliciting requirements and managing small to medium software projects. Systematic use of R.E.M. will afford organizations with a principled and systematic repository of "institutional memories" of development experience, less dependent on personalities and more reflective of the culture of the organization. Copyright © 2013 SCITEPRESS.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Software Knowledge, SKY 2013 - In Conjunction with IC3K 2013