Lightweight NFC protocol for privacy protection in mobile IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to achieve the interconnection of all devices in our lives. Due to the complex network environment, the IoT with mobile devices often faces many security problems, such as privacy leakages and identity forgery attacks. As a developing technology in mobile IoT, near field communication (NFC) is widely used in electronic payments and identity authentications. The current NFC studies mainly focus on payment technology, but there are a few studies on privacy protection and the lightweight requirements in the mobile IoT authentication protocol. We focus on the lightweight privacy protection authentication technology in mobile IoT. In the paper, we summarize the clustering model in mobile IoT networks and propose a lightweight authentication protocol. A security analysis shows that the protocol can resist many security threats, such as privacy leakages, identity forgeries, and replay attacks. The simulation also shows that the protocol is lightweight, with the utilization of look-up-tables (LUTs) and registers in our protocol being less than 0.5%. Our work can provide a secure and lightweight mobile authentication serve in the NFC-based mobile IoT network such as smart home and office attendance.

Publication Title

Applied Sciences (Switzerland)